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About Greenpoint

Company Background

We're an independent business set up by two passionate directors with decades of experience in the industry. Our team provides a professional, friendly and efficient service that focuses on delivering exceptional value.


We believe our unique approach to improving energy efficiency will not only save money but reduces carbon footprints, maintenance issues and comfortability in the space.


London & Home Counites


Greenpoint are experts in energy-saving solutions for the commercial workspace specialising in:

  • Fixtures and fitting upgrades

  • Electrical analytics

  • AC & Heating

  • Electric Vehicle Charging




Come in and do a survey on the property.


To upgrade or replace the units to improve cost-efficiency.


Installation of fixture and fittings to reduce the cost of energy.


What are the existing fixtures and fittings on the property.


EICRs on the property, energy survey reports on how to cut costs.


Warranty - free call out.

Benefits Of Working With Greenpoint

Cost Saving

Fittings can cost up to 80% - reduced by up to 80%


Specialists in London & Home Counties

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Create a cleaner, greener planet and save money


5 year site warranty / 7 year fixture warranty


Personable, proactive, dedicated team of specialists

Energy Providers

Working alongside energy provides to secure the best rates annually

Case Study

Commercial Office

Image by Adolfo Félix

Project Overview

  • LED lighting upgrade to produce 20% more light

  • Cut lighting bills by 80%

  • Provided a more comfortable working space

  • Reduced carbon footprint

  • Upgraded AC system reducing energy wastage and maximising efficiency

  • Changed provider to a more competitive rate

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