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Commercial EV Charging Costs - UK

The cost of commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging in the UK can vary depending on a number of factors, including the types of charger installed, the installation location, as well as any additional software and network infrastructure that may be included.


The leading EV charging devices themselves included different variants, such as Slow, Fast, Rapid and Ultra Rapid chargers. Fast chargers are the most commonly installed home chargers, whilst Rapid and Super Rapid chargers are often found roadside and at service stations. We recommend installing fast chargers as standard, which can charge vehicles with speeds 7kW to 22kW AC, whilst Type 2 Rapid chargers can charge vehicles up to speeds of 43kW AC. You can generally expect that the faster the charger, the higher the device cost.


Installation costs can vary widely too, depending on factors such as the number of chargers required, the complexity of the installation, the existing electrical infrastructure of the site and any bespoke design requirements. It’s important to instruct a site survey to be carried out to get an accurate quote for the cost of Commercial EV charger installation, which will also provide recommendations on the optimal type of chargers and the site design too. You can book a Free Survey with Greenpoint Services and a member of our team will assess your site and give you all the information you need.


Ongoing maintenance costs will depend on the type of charger and the level of service that is included. Some manufacturers offer warranties and maintenance plans that can help to mitigate these costs, while others may charge a fee for service or maintenance. For our commercial installations at Greenpoint services, we include a multi-year installation warranty and affordable maintenance and services packages as standard.

Network Management

Depending on your network management needs and your type of business, you may want software to manage payments, billing and reporting, users, variable tariffs and much more. Software management is vital if you plan to open up your chargers to both Private and Public use, so that you can manage users, view usage and generate revenue around the clock.

Some of the costs of installations can often be subsidised by government grants or tax credits, which can help to lower your overall costs. Speak to an EV installation expert, like ourselves, as we can advise you on the types of grants and tax credits that you may be eligible for.

Final thoughts

The cost of setting up commercial EV charging for your business can vary and is dependent on your choice of charger, the number of chargers, your installation location and your network management needs. To get an accurate understanding of the costs for your business, book a Free Survey with Greenpoint Services and we’ll get you started on your EV journey.

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