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Commercial EV Charging - Fuuse Management Platform Overview

Fuuse is a leading EV charge point management platform that is designed to help electric charge point operators maximise the value of their chargers. The Fuuse platform has been carefully developed in partnership with drivers, charge point operators, EV charge point installers and industry experts. Fuuse is independent of EV charge point manufacturers and labels itself as ‘hardware agnostic’ - allowing it to be compatible with most of the leading EV chargers, such as: ABB, Alfred, Circontrol, CTEK, Delta, Easee, EO, Etrel, Garo, Gewiss, Project EV, Rolec, Schneider, Swarco (soon), Tritium, Wallbox ( soon) & Zaptec at the time of writing.

The market for Electric Vehicles is booming, with EVs accounting for 10% of all new car sales in 2021. Commercial EV charge point operators will play a crucial role in the nation’s EV infrastructure and the supply of charge points looks set to be a highly lucrative business model for those involved. An EV charge point management platform like Fuuse aims to enable operators to radically improve the efficiency and profitability of their charging operations.

What is Fuuse and how can it benefit EV charge point operators?

Fuuse Core At the core of Fuuse is a central platform for managing, monitoring and operating your chargers. This core component can operate standalone or can be used in combination with the additional modules listed below, but by itself it allows for the essentials of charge management and reporting.

The following additional modules are optional with a Fuuse subscription and can be used in any combination that meets your individual requirements:

Access Control

Fuuse's Access Control feature gives you control over all aspects of your charge point operations. The module allows you to create user profiles, assign tokens to drivers, control tariffs and set times of the day for charging. This module also allows you to give access to public drivers, manage the balance between public and private and set variable pricing.

Fuuse Billing

The Fuuse billing module is a secure PC compliant solution that allows you to start generating revenue from your EV charging points. Through Fuuse billing you can collect payments, produce full financial reports through the Stripe integration, resolve disputes, produce automated invoices and manage tariffs and subscriptions.

Fuuse MAP

Designed for charge point operators with commercial and industrial properties, Fuuse Map is an online power capacity audit service that provides essential insights into a site’s current energy consumption. Through the module you can view energy consumption data, review your EV charging requirements and optimise your site’s EV capacity.

Fuuse Driver App

The Fuuse Driver app is the ideal app for your fleet drivers, giving them full control over their EV charging usage. The app allows drivers to initiate charging, store their payment details, view charging costs in real-time, monitor charging progress and review their charge summary. Fuuse are committed to innovation in the EV charging management space and are constantly developing new modules, with some exciting new modules on the horizon:

Fuuse Energy (coming soon)

Take advantage of flexible energy tariffs to make significant savings on your energy bill.

Fuuse Roaming (coming soon)

Allows operators to connect with drivers from other networks to increase charger utilisation, facilitated from Fuuse’s own network or any other OCPI compatible platform.

Summary of the Potential Benefits of using Fuuse for your EV Charge Point Management:

Secure cloud-based platform that lets you manage your chargers and monitor their usage Works with all OCPP 1.6 chargers and bring together different charger manufacturers under one platform Unlock revenue from your chargers by using the Fuuse Billing module to open your chargers to the public Take control of your chargers and make them work for you with Fuuse's flexible access controls and comprehensive tariff and subscription management Save on energy cost and maximise utilisation by using Fuuse's reporting tools and alerts to optimise charger usage Modular platform, so you only pay for the functionality you need Works with multiple use cases, from fleets, to individual workplace chargers, to local authorities, to national networks with thousands of chargers. Back-end platform that can be fully white-labelled

If you’re a Commercial charge point operator in the UK and would like to find out more about the benefits of the Fuuse management platform, get in touch with us today and one of our friendly experts will help find the best solution for you.

If you're looking for more information on the range of features and benefits available on the Fuuse platform - you can visit their corporate website here.

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