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Commercial electric car charger installation

When choosing your commercial electric car charging installation company, Greenpoint Services Ltd offer a bespoke design service to suit your property layout. We will work with you to develop a design that complements your parking area and works for your company’s needs. This can save you time, money and hassle. You need to make sure that you position your new car charging points in the right place to avoid the risk of employees blocking access to the points or positioning the charge points where they are difficult to reach once installed.

The great news is that if you are a business owner that is considering installing your first car charging points, or you need to install more charging points to keep up with demand, you can contact Greenpoint to get a free survey to help assess your needs. Business owners should also be making their employees aware of the new car tax changes and try to identify which department or key employees would benefit most from making the switch to electric vehicles.

Car charging units for business

Greenpoint is based in Watford, and have installed electric car charging units for many businesses and property managers in London and the South East. We can talk you through costs and installation and show you a range of options to suit your needs. Business owners can reduce their environmental impact with our electric car charging solutions. It is proven to attract new customers to your business, increase profit margins on energy sales, and boost customer satisfaction with your eco-friendly services.

Commercial electric car charging units

When thinking about installing commercial electric car charging units, there are physical installation costs to consider, plus ongoing maintenance, operation and inspections. By working with us at Greenpoint, we can offer everything you need from full-service planning to professional installation. We will help reduce your carbon footprint without breaking the bank, making your business greener and more sustainable.

Full access to government grants

Although the electric car charging point market continues to grow, we believe it is currently divided into 2 main sections. One half is built up of ‘Network’ providers who boast the volume of charge points they have, with the aim to gain interest from national energy providers to sell on as a bolt-on service. The other half is built up of general NICEIC electrical contractors who will only be able to support part of the service.

At Greenpoint Services, we are proud to be an independent fully OLEV & NICEIC accredited supplier and installer of electric car charging points and are able to provide a full ‘turnkey solution. Our team of experts are able to offer the following to help you get set up:

  • Full access to government grants contributing to the installation costs of installing electric car charge points

  • Access to a range of electric vehicle car charge point manufacturers, meeting your power and price requirements

  • Bespoke design service to suit your property layout, with ongoing service and maintenance packages

  • Fully insured and OLEV recognised in-house NIC registered electricians and in-house groundwork team

In today’s commercial world, the importance of being ‘green’ is paramount to any organisations’ make-up. We are always excited to work with companies who are planning to or have introduced electric vehicles to their fleet and therefore will need electric car charging.

If you feel we can add value to your business, please Contact us to learn more about our electric vehicle charging options. Contact our friendly team at Greenpoint, the leading car charge point installer in the south-east, to discuss your needs.

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