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Commercial electric car charging station installation cost

Here at Greenpoint Services Ltd, we believe that in today’s commercial world, the importance of being ‘green’ is paramount to any organisations’ make-up. Buying and running an electric car will certainly help environmentally, but many people are anxious about making the switch and they know that the process is far more complicated and costly than simply purchasing a new car. Consulting with an expert electric car charging station company, such as Greenpoint, will help you make sense of it.

Convenient, Flexible and Reliable Charging Stations

For a business of any size to grow or maintain its position in the market, many factors have to be taken into consideration including the ever increasing costs of motoring overheads and the accompanying carbon footprint produced. There’s a lot to keep track of – and depending on your business, you will need a solution which is affordable, convenient, flexible and reliable. Greenpoint are based in Watford and cover London and the South East, offering competitive prices. We are here to help you decide which is the best type of equipment for your business premises and agree a budget for your project that you’re happy with.

Commercial Premises

All commercial premises with electric car charging stations are going to become even more important over the coming years as we move to a future where the driving population will be gradually switching over to using electric cars instead of traditional petrol and diesel cars. Despite sales of electric vehicles doubling in 2019, the industry has yet to reach a tipping point. Whilst it may seem like it will be a long time before we can end our ties to the petrol pump, many of the world’s leading car manufacturers are going ‘full speed ahead’ into designing and manufacturing some very desirable new electric vehicles. As this trend continues, the cost of purchasing electric cars and the subsequent running costs will start to become more and more affordable.

Greenpoint Electric Car Charging Stations

According to a recent survey by HSBC, there are currently nearly 170,000 people for every electric charging stations that are publicly available. This indicates a big shortfall of sufficient provision, which is where your company would benefit from having the solution on its own doorstep, with Greenpoint electric car charging stations. This would allow you to keep ahead of the estimated increase in demand of 9+ million electric cars expected to be in use over the next few years.

Commercial Electric Car

The problem of logistics and where to install charging stations are important things to consider, plus issues such as sorting out your businesses electricity can be time-consuming, costing you money and leaving you with a headache, this is when you need to call in the experts. By getting in touch with Greenpoint today, our helpful team will talk you through all the costs and benefits of installing a commercial electric car charging station at your place of work.

Affordable, Future Proof, Commercial Solutions

Greenpoint are on the government’s list of authorised electric charging station installation companies, which also enables us to introduce you to other registered organisations that can offer funding to contribute towards the purchase of an electric vehicles and car charge points, subject to meeting criteria. By working with Greenpoint, you are gaining expert advice on making affordable, future proof, commercial solutions.

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