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Electric Vehicle Charge Points: Greenpoint Services

Electric vehicle charge points are going to become even more significant and important over the coming years as we move to a future where the driving population will be gradually switched over to using electric vehicles instead of traditional petrol and diesel cars.

Although the sales of electric vehicles doubled in 2019, the industry has yet to reach a tipping point. Whilst it may seem like it will be a long time before we can sever our ties to the petrol pump, some of the world’s leading car manufacturers are going ‘full speed ahead’ into designing and manufacturing some very desirable new electric vehicles.

Up until now, it seemed like Tesla had cornered the market on high-end electric vehicles, but now the likes of Audi and Jaguar are jumping in to challenge Tesla for the top-spot.

But it’s not just the high-end electric vehicle market that is opening up. Car giants such as Honda, Hyundai, Kia and Nissan are also producing electric vehicles for the masses, so it looks like the next ten years will be the decade of the electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Charge Points power the nation’s electric cars

With electric car ownership in the rise, many people are wondering how they are going to keep their electric car topped up with energy. Luckily, there are solutions already in operation with electric car charging points popping up at fuel stations, so charging an electric car will be no different to filling up with petrol or diesel for many people.

There is a problem of logistics and where to install these extra charging points. Many experts are realising that simply adding more charging points to garage forecourts will not be sufficient to meet the estimated demand of 9+ million electric vehicles in use in just a few years.

Alternative thinking

However, for those who cannot access public electric vehicle charge points, there are solutions available from providers such as Greenpoint services where they can charge their cars at home. Business owners that rely on vehicles as part of their operation will also benefit from having electric vehicle charge points installed on their business premises.

There will also be a trial introduced during 2020 testing wireless charging pads on selected streets, car parks and taxi ranks across Greater London, the Midlands and Scotland. This means that cars don’t need to be plugged in at home.

They simply need to park over the pad that is sunk into the ground. This technology could provide a handy solution for those living in properties that are not accessible by road or live in blocks of flats where it would be difficult to charge their vehicles from home.

Electric Vehicle Charge Points: The home and business charging solution

While many local authorities are coming under greater pressure to install electric vehicle charging points, unfortunately, most local infrastructure has not kept up with the growing demand for electric vehicles.

The Government is being very pro-active with regard to encouraging more people to switch to electric vehicles. There is already a proposed 2040 ban on new petrol and diesel cars being produced in favour of electric alternatives. They are also proposing that all new-build homes should be fitted with an electric car charge point.

Should this go ahead, England would be the first country to introduce mandatory electric vehicle charge points in all new homes, placing us as a global leader in the race to net-zero emissions.

However good this move would be, it would also be of great benefit for existing homeowners to install an electric charge point at home. Fortunately, the government have already put this plan into action by providing funding for up to £500 off the costs of installing a domestic charge point at home.

Getting ahead of the curve

With the future demand for electric vehicle charging points being here sooner than you think, it makes sense for you to install a charging point in your home or on your business premises.

According to a survey by HSBC, currently, there are nearly 170,000 people for every electric charging point that is publicly available. This paints a picture showing there is a lack of sufficient provision.

While there are plenty of incentives to encourage greater adoption of electric vehicles, it is expected that the current infrastructure will struggle to keep up. While the future is electric, right now the overall infrastructure in England is only slowly evolving to meet it.

The obvious answer to this problem is to install your own electric vehicle charging point at home or at your business. With over 90% of owners of electric vehicles currently needing to rely on publicly available charging points, it makes a lot of sense to install charging points, both privately and publicly, to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles.

How Greenpoint Services can help

As one of the UK’s leading approved independent installers of electric vehicle charging points and a fully OLEV & NICEIC accredited supplier and installer, we want you to be ready to meet the future.

Based in Watford, our expert team can support both residential and commercial customers with their electric vehicle charge points. We can offer a flexible service to cover:

  • Full access to government grants contributing to purchasing electric vehicles

  • Full access to government grants contributing to the installation costs of installing electric car charge points

  • Access to a range of electric vehicle car charge point manufacturers, meeting your power and price requirements

  • On-going service and maintenance packages

  • Bespoke design service to suit your property layout

  • Fully insured and OLEV recognised in-house NIC registered electricians

  • Fully insured in-house groundwork team

Why not get in touch with our friendly team at Greenpoint so we can help advise and assist you with all aspects of your electric vehicle charge point supply and installation.

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