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Residential & Commercial Car Charging Point Company

Greenpoint was initially founded by two directors to help support both business and residential clients looking to switch from petrol to electric and need a convenient, clean and energy-efficient way to power their electric vehicle needs. With the electric vehicle revolution fast picking up pace, Greenpoint is a car charging point company that brings their passion and unique approach to help enable both commercial and residential clients to meet their car charging requirements.

While the switch to electric vehicles for both private and business use continues to grow, Greenpoint has positioned themselves to be of service, with our expert team, as an independent fully OLEV & NICEIC accredited supplier and installer of electric car charging points.

Based in Watford, our expert team are on hand to help support both residential and commercial clients as their car charging point company of choice with their electric vehicle charge points supply and installation services in London and the South East.

The electric car revolution is here!

There can be little doubt left in anyone’s mind that there are major changes afoot with how we are now choosing to get around. Just as the invention of the combustion engine driven motor car eventually replaced the horse and buggy on our streets, we are now witnessing a shift from conventional petrol and diesel driven vehicles towards the more green option in the form of the all-electric car.

In fact, so popular are electric vehicles that for the first time in history, according to Zap-Map, the number of electric vehicle charging stations are now outnumbering traditional petrol stations in the UK!

According to figures from Zap-Map, there were nearly 9000 electric charging locations in the UK as of May 2019, compared to just 8,400 petrol stations. These figures are expected to drastically change in favour of electric charge points in the coming years as demand continues to increase for domestic charge points being installed in both new housing developments as well as existing homes.

Government-backed schemes

It is not only the private domestic market that is seeing a huge hike in the demand for new electric vehicle charge points. Public access charge points have also seen a 57% spike over the past year at petrol stations.

Increasing Government funding and big business initiatives for green transportation options have also started to revolutionise commercial businesses that rely on a fleet of vehicles for their operations. With more businesses than ever in history taking up green discount incentives to install electric vehicle charge points at their business premises and switching over to electric-powered vehicles.

Electric vehicle sales hit a record high and our car charging point company helps

With more electric vehicles on the road than ever before, there is a great need for more public charging stations up and down the country. Demand for a home solution for the charging of domestic vehicles is going hand in hand with the rise in electric car sales. This is where a car charging point company, like Greenpoint, can help.

New research and design technology are being invested by all major car manufacturers to keep up with the demand for an electric car that delivers better performance as well as increased driving range and distances.

Looking at the recent sales figures for electric cars, more than 210,000 electric cars were sold in the UK last year, yet just six years ago this figure was a measly 3,500! Motoring experts are predicting there will be more than a million new electric cars on the road by the end of 2022.

The demise of the hybrid car

A lot of people are now looking at skipping the usual step of switching from a petrol car to a hybrid, to jumping straight into buying an all-electric vehicle. With electric car technology seemingly improving day by day, most motoring experts are now predicting the swift demise of the hybrid car.

In fact, according to an article published in Bloomberg, we could see the complete disappearance of the hybrid car over the next 20 years. They predict that a time will come where only all-electric vehicles will survive!

With Tesla jumping into the all-electric car market with both feet, it is hardly surprising that the thought of owning a middle-ground hybrid car will become irrelevant in the future.

According to research a lot of car manufacturers worldwide are ceasing or have already ceased producing hybrid car models, such as the Chevrolet Volt ceasing production at the end of 2019.

Take advantage of Government schemes while they last!

The Government has firmly committed to its ‘green transport revolution’ with an aim of all newly manufactured cars in the UK being ultra-low emission by 2040. As part of their drive to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles they are offering Government discounts and business incentives for people to take advantage of.

However, we feel that like all good things, these discounts won’t last, especially once the majority of the UK has made the switch to using electric vehicles. This is why we recommend you take advantage while you can of these generous incentives being offered by the government before they reduce or withdraw them completely.

As Greenpoint is an accredited Government-approved car charging point company that can source and install your charging point, we have access to government grants that help contribute to the purchase of electric vehicles as well as help towards installation costs for your electric car charge point.

To get your low-cost charging point for your home or business, talk to us at Greenpoint to see if you can qualify for a current grant. You can talk through your options with one of our professional installers and get free advice from us about the most suitable, future-proof charging option to suit your needs. Greenpoint is a car charging point company here to help you.

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